Friday, January 22, 2010

So When Did I Grow Up?!?!

A landlocked sailor thinks deep thoughts... Let me indulge you on one of my own.
It came to me the other night while I was racking my brain for something worthy of putting down in writing. An idea that was worth the finger cramps and future carpal tunnel syndrome I will inevitably have while attempting to satisfy the endless thirst that my friends and followers have for devouring each word that is in itself a small part of me. Writing this blog is a selfless deed that I enjoy thoroughly. I hope to entertain you for the next few months as I grow and continue to dig deeper and reflect more on myself and my interesting new life venture.

So anyways, about me growing up. I realized I did it, it happened without me knowing. I have been fighting the good fight for years now, to no avail. The one and only factor that was enough to determine that I am technically now a grown-up is this:

I no longer scour on or in every surface, under every vending machine, in every change return slot from telephones to newspaper machines and everything in-between for someone else's forgotten change. At some point in time I got too caught up in school, work, sports, life shenanigans? Without realizing I almost completely stopped cold turkey, one of in my favorite of all childhood activities. It is sad to say but I have lost my inner-child, to some degree. I no longer stick my finger (or hand when space was available) in any corner or change receptacle that is potentially filled with nickel and copper. My mom will vouch for my inappropriate and reckless obsession for checking vending machines and under check out lines for forgotten gold.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that my desires and my material needs have increased in costs. So to continue looking for coins has become foolish. Previously, as a pre-teen my every wish could be answered with a few quarters and access to a machine that held any product with large quantities of sugar i.e. a soda machine or candy dispenser. One single quarter just 25¢ could satisfy my wildest childhood fantasies. Economically, I believe the cost/benefit theory is the adult way of explaining my new level of maturity. I subconsciously weigh the total expected costs against the total expected benefits of finding spare change drinking that soda. And over time I have almost completely phased out that entire part of my life.

After reading this you are now obligated to leave behind that the 5¢ that is rightfully yours. I am asking you to do this for me but for the kids. Come on, do it for the kids!! I am asking you each next time you make a purchase from a vending machine of any kind to intentionally leave behind what to you is a seemingly insignificant amount of unnecessary weight in your pocket or purse. By doing this you will be increasing the odds of making some unsuspecting but hard working kids day or even week. If nothing else good comes up that week, remember that, that child was able to snag that shiny 1998 quarter from the soda machine and put it into his/her pocket. And in turn you single-handedly are responsible for putting the biggest most genuinely pure sense of joy and happiness into a kids heart.

There is a disclaimer, if you are like some of my friends and are currently milking unemployment checks for all they are worth you are given a temporary pardon from leaving behind change. I say this because you need it more than the kids do. And for Christ sake get a job 'cause you are killing our economy. (you know who you are)... haha. Or better yet, your new job could be to follow around mutual friends of ours that read my blog and are now leaving behind excess amounts of change. You can follow them and collect all the coins they leave behind before kids can get to them. You have access to cars and cell phones to ease the task of following the paths of our friends. Most kids have neither. Advantage -- 23 year old unemployed college grad. Happy Hunting!!

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  1. and all of this time I thought it was you mother who was "going through the change"...
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