Friday, October 16, 2009

Marilou to Mir

Planetary Coral Reef Foundation Bio:

Our Vision is to stop the destruction of the world's coral reefs by 2020 and restore their beauty, health and abundance within this century. The Planetary Coral Reef Foundation (PCRF) was founded in 1991 to address the coral reef crisis. Since its inception, PCRF has pursued an unprecedented global mission to preserve coral reefs through innovative programs in science, education and technology.

A short description of what we are doing here in Malta: The boat we are refitting is a 114'ft, 100 year old classic Dutch yacht. There is ample space for science, diving, film and community outreach programs. The vessel will be based in Singapore during its work throughout Southeast Asia. Once in Southeast Asia, we will use the boat for mapping and monitoring remote coral reefs, marine conservation programs, skill-based training and education-outreach youth leadership programs. Additionally, we will continue work on our two marine conservation projects in Indonesia. One is a long-term program to protect endangered sea turtles and the other is to monitor and protect the coral reefs that lie within Bali's Barat National Park.

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